Björk and the Lemur



Damian Taylor can lay claim to a breathtaking musical CV. He has been credited with contributions, in varying capacities, to a wide range of contemporary artists’ work. From providing programming and Pro Tools expertise to stadium-fillers The Prodigy and Kasabian to co-producing and cowriting material with U.N.K.L.E and breakbeat pioneer Adam Freeland, Damian has achieved a lot in his 11 year full-time career in the music industry. Not withholding his original material under the Stone Lions moniker, his recent work touring with Björk for her album Volta must stand as a career high-point. 

“I did piano when I was six and then did the classical thing until I was 14”, Damian explains, “then played in bands, got bored of the other people in the band and bought a 4 track, which is how I got into recording. Then, when I was 19, I moved to London and just worked in studios night and day.” 

Regarding the Volta tour Damian says, “I was working with Björk for a year and a half on Volta and she asked me if I wanted to come on tour as the musical director of her band. I thought it would be a nice change to studio life, and really interesting to see the ‘other side’ of an artist’s cycle of recording and touring.” 
The Lemur takes away the computer’s unfortunate reputation as a somewhat lifeless (yet useful) audio generation device best hidden at the back of the stage and transforms it into a powerful, visually interesting musical device to be showcased and thrust into the limelight. In Björk’s latest show, dedicated cameras are mounted facing the two Lemurs which are used as prominent, striking visual elements.

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