JazzMutant’s Educational Discount!

JazzMutant’s Educational Discount!

JazzMutant is once again offering another great deal, but this time it is for students!

JazzMutant is offering a 10% educational discount off of the current street price of the Lemur and Dexter to all JazzMutant fans that are still in school.

To receive this educational discount you need to contact our Sales team at sales@jazzmutant.com and have a valid student ID to prove that you are eligible for the discount.

The current street price for the Lemur is $1,999 and the Dexter is $1,519.

For more information, please contact JazzMutant at info@jazzmutant.com or visit JazzMutant’s corporate website at www.jazzmutant.com!


One Response to “JazzMutant’s Educational Discount!”

  1. Armando Says:

    I bombarded your email list with no responses to my inquiry. I should’ve used the google a little harder. Thanks for the post!

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