Great news!

July 13th, 2009

Great News!

Great news! Today, JazzMutant is happy to inform you that we have successfully resolved both technical issues resulting in excessive bubbling of the touch panel and paint finish.

Shipments have resumed and we are working on the plan to replace faulty touch panels.

We thank you for the patience you showed over the past weeks. We will make sure you are taken care of, and remain confident in our brand and pioneering solutions.


1. Replacement or Repair?
Units will be shipped back for touch panel replacement.

2. Lead-time to resolve?
By the end of September.

3. How will retailers find out?
They will be called with updates.

4. How will consumers find out?
If they purchased directly from JazzMutant, JazzMutant will either call or email them.
If they purchased from a retailer, the retailer will handle the communication.

5. Can orders still be placed?
Yes, we have resumed shipments.

6. Can products be returned for reimbursement?
No. JazzMutant will replace the touch panel of the units that are part of the identified faulty batch.

For more information please contact Sales at


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