Hot Chip uses the Lemur!

Hot Chip have emerged from their bedrooms studios onto the UK music scene to become one of the most interesting electropop band in Britain over the last four years, a status that has gradually developed from the band’s formation in 2000.

The band is also well-known for their live shows, as they often reinvent their songs on stage and create a completely different sound. The Lemur has found a place of choice in their set up, effortlessly programmed and skillfully played by member Felix Martin:

“So far we have only used the Lemur in a live environment”, Felix explains, “where it fulfills a rather functional and plain role as a master controller for clips, scenes and FX in Ableton Live. I also use the Lemur to control the Dave Smith Polyevolver and an Elektron Machinedrum that I use, with Midi Thru signals going through Ableton. I have built my own patches for controlling those instruments. Even though they both have their own perfectly decent user interfaces, I like the idea of being able to control everything from one screen. I suppose I have an ideal of one day simply standing with the Lemur as my only performance tool, with the things that it controls sitting quietly in the background.”

To read the rest of the article, click here.


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